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Our Mission


The Julianna Sayler Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to Raising Awareness, Supporting Families and Empowering Researchers to cure Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, brain cancer.

It is unacceptable that in 2018 all pediatric cancers receive less than 4% of national funding and less than 1% goes towards brain cancer research. DIPG has the label of "rare", but it is not rare with 250-300 new cases each year in North America alone. 


The Julianna Sayler Foundation is committed to the fight against DIPG so that families do not have to hear the devastating words, "Your child has cancer and there is nothing we can do." In Julianna's honor we will continue to Fight For More Tomorrows for our children.


Inspiring Awareness

We are on a mission to educate our community and world about the realities of pediatric cancer. We are always looking for ways we can be involved in our community and help families fight DIPG. Through inspiring awareness we hope to shine a spot light on brain cancer. 


Supporting Families

A DIPG diagnosis can be a lonely and devastating journey. Often promising experimental treatments are not covered by insurance, expensive and require a family to travel sometimes to foreign countries. The Julianna Sayler Foundation helps pediatric DIPG families by providing financial assistance grants, resources and support.


Empowering Researchers

Julianna was a part of two experimental treatments during her fight against DIPG. The specialists that cared for her devote their lives to trying to save our children. Julianna wanted to donate the left over tissue after her tumor biopsy to research. She liked knowing that her doctors were learning from her tumor and her response to treatment. In Julianna's honor, we want to help fund further innovative research.Helping fund research is key to getting closer to a DIPG cure.

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